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The BenMar Critter Club

Here are some of the other animals who are much loved and claim BenMar Farm as home!

"I Love Lucy" is our perfect family dog and matriarch of our large assortment of critters. Boxers are known as clowns of the dog world, and Lucy is certainly true to her breed.

Her showcase of talents include "waving bye-bye", "Bang! You're dead!" and chicken herding. Lucy is an endless source of entertainment and a treasure to our family.


"Gucci Goo" is the ultimate lap dog. The size of the miniature pinscher proves to be very convenient when smuggling her into hotels or going house hunting.

Our pocket pooch's specialties are cuddling and over-eating. Gucci's gentle and sweet nature makes her a favorite for all our friends and family.


"Red Hot Chili Pepper" is definitely a dog of a different color. Chili's boundless energy manifests itself in a couple of interesting neurosis, namely kleptomania and hoarding. Her absolute fetish is our daughter's hair ties; any kind, any size. We believe she is destined to be a search and rescue dog.

Actually, Chili is an extraordinarily talented show miniature pinscher that has hidden abilities in finding things we never knew we lost!


"Sake"(pronounced "Sockee") is definitely a cat of a different color. As moody as she is colorful, she has the men in our family wrapped around her little paw!


"Georgie Porgie" was intended as a companion to Nala. This arrangement is still in progress. Georgie was an orphaned kitten whose fallow mother was killed by a car when he was 2 weeks old. He was lovingly cared for by a kind lady devoted to salvaging helpless animal lives.

Because of this selfless act of kindness, Georgie is extremely tolerant of all the smothering affection he receives daily. This little guy is incredibly sweet, innocent, and is already a great mouser!


"Meeni" and Bart are brothers. Meeni is a great mouser, but decided our neighbors home cooked meals are better than mice!  They have adopted Meeni as their own.  Now he living in the lap of luxury!!


"Bart" thinks he’s a cool dude. He's a little illusive, but he’s certainly "our main man!!" (after Georgie, of course!)


Six Hen's A Laying!  Ok, well, more like 30!! The chickens go under the "Life's Too Short" category. My better half grew up on a rubber tree plantation where chickens, cows, and goats were a fixture. However, we narrowly escaped the anti-fowl subdivision ordinance by using the "life's too short not to take a chance" theory.

We also explained that these were no ordinary chickens, but designer chickens, the Silver-Laced Wyandotte! Our board members, however, seem very pleased with their free-range brown eggs!


"King Louie" was our racy little goat fully equipped with aerodynamic horns and flashy pinstripes. Louie's job was to keep our colt company, but he definitely preferred the "girls".

His favorite part of the day was when he served as food critic...sampling all the horses' Cuisine de Jour. Unfortunately eating was Louie’s downfall.  He ate himself to death!


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