Bridon Belfrey, RID Stallion


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Stud Fee: $1,500
($250 booking fee included)

Collection and Shipping Fee: $350
(Per collection)

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**In order to ensure high quality and marketability for Belfrey’s foals, we will be limiting his book to suitable mares. See Mare Selection.

Here is what others have to say about Bridon Belfrey, RID...

“Belfrey is the next GREAT sire!!”
-Respected Equine Veterinarian, IDHSNA member and competitor

“THAT horse can JUMP!!”
-Respected Equine Veterinarian, IDHSNA member and breeder of top quality purebred Irish Draughts

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Bridon Belfrey, RID - Foals

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Bridon Belfrey, RID

Client's Foals

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Selection Criteria

Preserving the Irish Draught breed is very important to us. Below is what we look for in our own stallions and mares to help ensure the Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport horses we produce are superior athletes and true to type.

Irish Draught Stallion Selection
Irish Draught Mare Selection

More Reasons Why You Should Choose a

BenMar Irish Draught Stallion


 Bridon Belfrey, RID 


In addition to offering a World-Class Champion Black Registered Irish Draught Stallion for your consideration, BenMar also provides you:

  • Exemplary customer service before, during and after mare is settled in foal. Personal attention to mare owners questions, needs or concerns. On site collection station insuring timely collections in a stress-free environment.
  • On site insemination area for visiting mares and/or foals in peaceful setting to maximize comfort and reduce stress.  
  • Impeccable care taken during collection process insuring the highest quality semen concentration, motility and purity possible.
  • On site Veterinarian specialized in Equine Reproduction personally analyzes each collection before and after extending.
  • Documentation of motility and concentration provided with each shipment.
  • Collections available Monday-Fridays, accommodating Saturdays whenever possible.
  • Collections personally delivered by Stallion owner to Fedex shipping location to reduce possibility for error.
  • Stallion bred by AI only to prevent contraction and spread of infections.
  • Stallion EVA negative.
  • Stallion tested and vaccinated for EVA annually.
  • Stallion’s semen cultured and tested annually to ensure highest quality product and most effective extender used.
  • Website link and sales listing on BenMar website for any breeders interested in selling their Belfrey foal.
  • Active promotion of Belfrey foals through “Breeders News” segment of “The Blarney”, the Irish Draught Society of North America breed publication. 
  • Active Stallion promotion through online media, print ads, informative breed-based articles, breed publications, appearances and stallion parades.


Black Registered Irish Draught Stallion Bridon Belfrey, RID

Belfrey enjoying the great outdoors!





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